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Facts about Personalised Loofah:

While the most relaxing moment of your day may be shower or bath time, sometimes it can feel like you aren’t getting quite as clean as you may want to. The standard application of soap with your hands is often just inadequate. By adding the additional help of a loofah or shower sponge to your bathing routine, you’ll allow your skin to become cleaner, smoother and better exfoliated.
Whether you choose a more traditional loofah, sponge ball or even a shower towel, these items will get your skin feeling great and get you looking as radiant as possible.

It is available at most stores that sell body care accessories, including drugstores.
Loofahs are different from plastic bath poufs, the two items are used for the same purpose, but personalised loofah are made from a plant-based material and are said to be better for the skin.

Advantage Personalised Loofah:

1. Material: 100% natural Personalised Loofah
2. Different weights and sizes available
3. Suitable for family, travel or hotel use
4. You can put some bathing liquid into it, make you more relaxing in bath time, promote blood circulation, and renew skin, making it smooth.
5. Many designs are available

Using tips:

1. The personalised loofah sponge comes hard and tough, so for the first time use, please dip it in warm water for about 20 minutes to make it soft.
2. Hange it to keep dry after use.

Dry it daily: After using your loofah, remove it from the moist shower environment and leave it somewhere with enough airflow to completely dry it out between uses. If you want to be extra cautious, soap up the loofah and rinse it out on its own after washing yourself and before letting it hang to dry.

Clean it: Your personalised loofah should be cleaned once a week. Every few weeks, soak the loofah in a solution of 5 percent bleach and then rinse thoroughly.Avoid use after shaving: Bacteria can enter your skin through any sort of nick or cut, so you shouldn’t use your loofah on the affected area for a couple of days after shaving.

Replace it regularly: Natural loofahs should be replaced every month. If you notice mold on it or it develops a mildewy or musty odor, replace it immediately.

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