Loofah for back



Decent uses of Loofah for back

Regularly bathing will help to keep the skin on your back healthy. Try to clean your back every day when you’re in the shower so your back stays smooth, moisturized, and acne free.

1. Take warm showers instead of hot showers:

Hot showers can damage your skin and strip it of its natural oils. Loofah for back with warm showers will help you keep your back moisturized and healthy.

2. Put body wash on a loofah and scrub your upper back with it:

Many people use soaps, which not easily seeps into the surface of the loofah, but using shower gel is seeps under its surface works as good as bar soap. A shower gel contains essential oils which were good for skin; you only need few bucks or so.

  • If you’re having trouble reaching your upper back, get a Loofah for back with a stick so it’s easier.

3. Scrub the Loofah for back:

Hold the loofah in your right hand and reach at your back to scrub the lower right side of your back. Make use of both hands and comfortably scrub the lower left side of your back with the loofah.

  • Try a loofah on a stick if you having problems to reach out on your lower back.

4. Wash with clean water to remove foam:

Wash with clean water to remove foam from all the body wash on your back so it moisturize your skin.Most new loofahs are extremely hard and coarse. Once the loofah becomes saturated, it should become softer and not as rough on your skin.

5. Moisturize your back when you get out of the shower:

Dry your back with a towel first. Then, apply a good body lotion into your upper and lower back. Moisturizing your back right after you take a shower will reserve your skin from getting dry and peeling.

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