What is a loofah ?

Loofah benefits why it's good for your skin?

Loofah benefits or ridge-gourd is a vegetable classed under the Cucurbitaceous (cucumber) family that abounds in the tropical and subtropical regions.
It is actually the fruit of the two popular Cucurbitaceous species or varieties-Luffa acutangula and Luffa Aegyptiaca that is generally referred to as loofah or luffa.
The gourd plant is extensively cultivated and its fruit when harvested much before it ripens, is used for preparing delectable dishes.
Often the loofah is allowed to ripen fully rendering it extremely fibrous which is then deseeded and completely dried.
The loofah fruit, when it is green and unripe, has a spongy flesh and is pulpy inside with white seeds. When the loofah is harvested as a fully matured fruit, it is stripped of its skin and seeds to be used as scrubbing sponge in kitchens and bathrooms.

Here are six reasons loofah is good for your skin

Loofah benefits are :

1.Skin exfoliation

Loofah benefits is a must need if you have a sensitive skin. Scrubbing with hard brushes can damage your skin and make it rough. Use warm water and the rough loofah scrubber for parts like elbows, knees and ankles as the dust settles deep inside causing darkening. Thus exfoliating can be done better with a loofah.

2.Effective cleaning

Loofah is made of soft net-like substance to help you scrub your body. Gentle motions on different parts of your body will help clean out the bacteria,  sweat and also dirt particles settled in the pores of your skin. It cleans the body leaving you soft, refreshed and fragrant.

3.Retains softness

Loofah is not tough on your skin and neither does it leave it dirty with its soft texture; It helps you retain the softness of your skin.
Your skin looks soft, healthy and glowing


Massaging with loofah improves blood circulation.The circular motion by which you rub your skin, energizes your body, releases stress and anxiety and leaves you relaxed and calm. You can enjoy a free massage in your private bath stall.

5. Helps latherin

When you scrub bathing lotion on your body or a shower gel, it cannot be done with bear hands as it does not make any lather.
You only end up using excess shower gel without cleaning your body properly.

6. Easy bath accessory

It’s a healthy bath accessory and does not cause any infection as you can change it after every few weeks and just need to remove all the soap with warm water.The east cloth hanger helps you hang it anywhere in your shower stall. It’s soft and fits in easily in your travel pouch. Hence, you can even carry it around.

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